Endorsement Shout Out: Judge Sarah Eckhardt

Sarah Eckhardt Endorsement Graphic


There is no question that Criminal Justice Reform is a priority for our party.

The only question in this primary is which candidate has the best chance of succeeding at reform. I admire all of the candidates. José passionately represents the Decarceration Movement. Erin passionately represents the Sexual Assault Victim Rights Movement. Margaret passionately represents Justice which includes, but is broader than, both of these movements.

Justice demands a difficult and daily balance between safety of the public, safety and healing of the victim, the constitutional rights of the accused and the rehabilitation of the convicted.

Margaret came into office committed to the Decarceration Movement. She spearheaded an independent analysis of who is in Travis County jail and why. Armed with the results, she uses her experience and influence to collaboratively root out institutional racism and economic bias in her own office and in the offices of others.

Bookings are down. Jail population is down. Felony convictions for drug offenses are down. And diversion to effective drug treatment programs is up.

While she has de-emphasized incarceration in substance abuse cases, she has re-emphasized prosecution of sexual assault. Margaret inherited a hobbled trial division.

The APD DNA lab had imploded, clearance rates were slow and jury trials were rare. She worked collaboratively to clear the logjam and successfully prosecute more sexual assault cases than the courts have seen in years.

The Criminal Justice System is complex. All of the candidates have the will, but only Margaret Moore has the understanding and influence to succeed at reforming it.

This is why I am supporting Margaret Moore.

Sarah Eckhardt
Travis County Judge