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Leading With Integrity

 In its endorsement of Margaret Moore,

the Travis County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Officers Association said all that needs to be said:


“We believe that you are the candidate that possesses both the qualifications

and equally important the integrity to lead the Travis County District Attorney's Office.”


Inspire Trust and Confidence


Under Margaret Moore, the District Attorney’s office will be a place where the employees are proud to work and the public is confident in its pursuit of justice.


Moore will promote a work atmosphere where every one is comfortable and motivated.  Policies will be clear and fairly enforced.


Meanwhile, Moore will be determined to build community trust by developing prosecution policies reflect our values in Travis County. Her policies will specifically address the disparate treatment of minorities in the criminal justice system.

Moore advocates exploring the appointment of special prosecutors in cases where police conduct results in the death of a citizen. There are multiple issues that would have to be addressed for such an approach to be successful, and Moore has the perfect background and experience to lead such a discussion to a satisfactory implementation.

Manage a $23-Million Budget


In a populous county such as Travis, the District Attorney is more of a leader and administrator than a prosecutor in the courtroom. Margaret Moore has a long track record of wisely managing our tax dollars.


Moore is the only candidate in the race who has both managed a multi-million budget for an agency of the county government and helped create the budget for the entire county.


That’s important, because the District Attorney’s office spends $23 million per year on its operations. The office is also responsible for managing other funds, such as property forfeitures and hot check fees.


Moore will use her experience as the County Attorney and as a County Commissioner to carefully manage the office and make sure our tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently.


Work to Restore State Funding of the Public Integrity Unit


For decades, the Public Integrity Unit within the Travis County District Attorney’s office fought corruption in state government. Unfortunately, Governor Rick Perry vetoed funding for the program in 2013, and the Legislature all but killed the office last year.


As part of her career-long pursuit of justice, Margaret Moore will fight to restore the unit’s funding and authority. She’ll do it by showing the Legislature that the DA’s office is worthy of the funding and authority again and appealing to their best interests.


She acknowledges that the task will be difficult, but she strongly believes it must be done. Regardless of her success, Moore will make sure that the DA’s office is a tough watchdog for corruption in state government.


Prosecute Polluters


Unbeknownst by many, the Travis County District’s office has a small team of lawyers who can have a big impact throughout our state. Moore is committed to continuing this program and strengthening it to every extent possible.

Reduce Over-Incarceration


Margaret Moore advocates increased screening of cases at intake to scrutinize the necessity and appropriateness of felony prosecution. She would work to implement a 24-hour intake system to provide prosecutorial oversight of police complaints before they are filed.


She also advocates expanding the use of diversionary programs to minimize incarceration for certain types of crimes, such as the possession of small amounts of prohibited drugs.


As County Attorney, she established the first (and, to date, only) deferred prosecution program in Travis County, which allowed qualified defendants to avoid charges being filed if certain conditions were met. She believes it may be time to implement such a program at the felony level.

Moore also believes that increasing the efficiency of the Grand Jury process is critical. She wants to work towards a coordinated effort among law enforcement agencies, Pre-Trial Services, and the DA’s office to minimize the pre-indictment incarceration time of felony defendants.


Moore is also committed to working closely with law enforcement to craft policies that identify community priorities and resources specific to this issue. Her history and experience in sponsoring this kind of cross-agency collaboration uniquely qualifies her to address this problem.



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